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Plugins add additional functionality to an existing WordPress website. To date, there are over 50,000 WordPress plugins available to download, with new ones added to the WordPress Plugin Directory on a daily basis.

With the right combination of plugins, coupled with an effective branding strategy, the possibilities are endless!


The WordPress community has created a number of free and paid themes for users to choose from. Though free themes don’t necessarily mean low quality, premium themes tend to be easier to customize out of the box, with more features and support for various plugins.

Here at CWS, we have themes we prefer to use, due to their flexible layout options and plugin compatibility.

Flexible e-commerce

Woocommerce (an e-commerce plugin) powers 41% of all online stores. There are more than 400 Woocommerce extensions that people can use to include features such as payment processing, shipping, subscriptions and more.

From physical products and digital downloads, premium website content and even appointments, you can sell just about anything with WooCommerce.


Despite, (and possibly due to) being the most popular CMS in the world, WordPress does have its fair share of security risks.

Thankfully, there are quite a few prominent and trusted security plugins that do a terrific job of patching up or completely eliminating vulnerabilities before a hack or data breach can occur.

Did you know?

of the 644 million 
active websites

1 %
Are powered
by wordpress

That’s about 207 million WordPress
sites around the world!

Of the top 1000
most popular websites

1 %
Are built with
WordPress CMS

Sites like Time, TechCrunch,
WiredLifehack, and many more!

of the 300+ options,
WordPress enjoys

1 %
Of the cms
Market Share

The second most popular CMS is Joomla, with only 6% ⍨

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